Back to home link UIParams extends ShareDialogParams, FeedDialogParams, SendDialogParams, LeadFormBuilderDialogParams

The object passed to the ui method. The properties below can be passed to all three types of dialogs. Each type of dialog accepts additional parameters that are documented above.

Param Type Details
method any

The UI dialog that is being invoked. This is a required field.

message (optional) string

The UI dialog message.

app_id (optional) string

Your app's unique identifier. Required.

redirect_uri (optional) string

The URL to redirect to after a person clicks a button on the dialog. Required when using URL redirection.

display (optional) string

Determines how the dialog is rendered.

  • If you are using the URL redirect dialog implementation, then this will be a full page display, shown within This display type is called page
  • If you are using one of our iOS or Android SDKs to invoke the dialog, this is automatically specified and chooses an appropriate display type for the device.
  • If you are using the Facebook SDK for JavaScript, this will default to a modal iframe type for people logged into your app or async when using within a game on, and a popup window for everyone else. You can also force the popup type when when you use the Facebook SDK for JavaScript, if necessary.
  • Mobile web apps will always default to the touch display type.
phase (optional) string
  • Dialog in create phase allows you to get stream url to upload video; Dialog in publish phase will provide preview and go live button. required
  • phase = create | publish
broadcast_data (optional) any
  • This parameter is required for publish phase.
  • The response object returned from either API or create phase.