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Params that can be passed when creating a Share dialog.

Param Type Details
href (optional) string

The link attached to this post. Required when using method share. Include open graph meta tags in the page at this URL to customize the story that is shared. Defaults to Current URL

hashtag (optional) string

A hashtag specified by the developer to be added to the shared content. People will still have the opportunity to remove this hashtag in the dialog. The hashtag should include the hash symbol, e.g. #facebook.

quote (optional) string

A quote to be shared along with the link, either highlighted by the user or predefined by the developer, as in a pull quote on an article.

mobile_iframe (optional) string

If set to true the share button will open the share dialog in an iframe on top of your website (For more information see Mobile Web Share Dialog. This option is only available for mobile, not desktop.

action_type (optional) string

A string specifying which Open Graph action type to publish, e.g., og.likes for the built in like type. The dialog also supports approved custom types. Required when using method share_open_graph.

action_properties (optional) string

A JSON object of key/value pairs specifying parameters which correspond to the action_type being used. Valid key/value pairs are the same parameters that can be used when publishing Open Graph Actions using the API. Required when using method share_open_graph.