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Like Button (class exported as FBLikeComponent)

A single click on the Like button will 'like' pieces of content on the web and share them on Facebook. You can also display a Share button next to the Like button to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with.

Official Facebook documentation for this class can be found here.

link Usage
<fb-like href=""></fb-like>
link Inputs link action (string)

The verb to display on the button. Can be either like or recommend. Defaults to like.

link colorScheme (string)

The color scheme used by the plugin for any text outside of the button itself. Can be light or dark. Defaults to light.

link href (string)

The absolute URL of the page that will be liked. Defaults to the current URL.

link kidDirectedSite (boolean)

If your web site or online service, or a portion of your service, is directed to children under 13 you must enable this. Defaults to false.

link layout (string)

Selects one of the different layouts that are available for the plugin. Can be one of standard, button_count, button or box_count. See the FAQ for more details. Defaults to standard.

link ref (string)

A label for tracking referrals which must be less than 50 characters and can contain alphanumeric characters and some punctuation (currently +/=-.:_). See the FAQ for more details.

link share (boolean)

Specifies whether to include a share button beside the Like button. This only works with the XFBML version. Defaults to false.

link showFaces (boolean)

Specifies whether to display profile photos below the button (standard layout only). You must not enable this on child-directed sites. Defaults to false.

link size (string)

The button is offered in 2 sizes i.e. large and small. Defaults to small.

link width (string)

The width of the plugin (standard layout only), which is subject to the minimum and default width. See Layout Settings in the official docs for more details.